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L’Adour: Behind the Scenes

14 Feb

L'Adour is located across the street from City Hall.

Yann Guigné, Chef and Co-owner of L’Adour Restaurant Francais

Native of the Pyrenees Mountains region of France

On his daily routine at L’Adour

There is no normal routine at L’Adour.  Myself and Alexia [Alexia Guigné, chef and co-owner of L’Adour] usually arrive between 8:30 and 9:30 in the morning.  We begin doing prep work and cooking for the day.  We prep for lunch in the morning and also begin prepping for dinner.

L'Adour serves breakfast Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

We do more prep for dinner in the afternoon after the lunch is over.  Lunch is 11am to 2pm Monday through Friday.  We reopen at 5pm for dinner.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we serve breakfast beginning at 8am.  In between doing prep, we also do some administrative work, which is another necessary part of running a restaurant.

On Dining Week at L’Adour

We don’t change how we do prep during Dining Week.  We also don’t change what we order from suppliers for our Dining Week menu.  We keep our Dining Week menu ingredients at the same high quality as what we normally use.  Dining Week is a chance where we can show people what we do.

L'Adour's Dining Week menu is geared towards new diners, as well as repeat visitors.

We get a lot of repeat diners during Dining Week, but we also get a lot of people who are new to L’Adour.  We try to give diners choices on our Dining Week menu, so we try to have meat, fish and poultry entrees on there.  During Dining Week, we might switch out one fish for another or make another change to the menu based on what we have stocked.  We try to put a flashy dessert on our menu – something that we have to set on fire – so that the diners get a show.

On what makes L’Adour unique

The way food is prepared at L'Adour makes the food served there unique.

People will have a meal at L’Adour, a pork dish for example, and tell us it tastes unlike any pork they have ever had before. We get our ingredients from the same suppliers as other restaurants, so the difference comes from how we prepare it.  The techniques we use – the way we cook it, the way we make a sauce – are the taste of L’Adour.  We serve a personal type of food here that you won’t find anywhere else.

L’Adour Restaurant Francais is one of the 22 restaurants participating in AmeriCU Dining Week.  Visit the restaurant at 110 Montgomery Street, call 475-7653 for information or reservations or visit for more information.